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New Member Award

group of women
Last year’s President and Vice President were proud to accept a 2016 CFUW New Member Award on behalf of our club. UWCNY was recognized for achieving a 13 per cent increase in new members in 2015/2016.

March Speaker

 March Speaker

 RECAP The Aging Brain: Opportunities and Challenges

Our March speaker, Dr. Guy Proulx, gave us good news and bad news about aging.  Life expectancy will increase even more dramatically this century, and the rate of dementia is decreasing but our lifestyle must be improved so as to narrow the gap between life and health expectancies. Guy gave a slew of interesting statistics such as fifty percent of children born in 2007 can expect to live to one hundred.


February Speaker

RECAP Art Forgery

Top art forgers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars for one phony painting. Yet even the best can be tripped up by  silly mistakes such as misspelling the real artist’s name. These are some of the fascinating facts we learned from our February speaker, Douglas Purdon, an expert on art forgery.  Forgery is hard work and can be expensive; nonetheless, Purdon stressed a number of times that forgery is a crime.