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Walking with our Sisters

October 15-29, 2017

“Walking with our Sisters”, a touring art show honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women, will be in Toronto October 15-29 at the Aboriginal Education Centre, 90 Croatia St. (Dufferin Subway).

A very large number of moccasin vamps beaded by volunteers “with a prayer for every bead” will be displayed in a religious design on the floor. Visitors will leave their shoes at the door before walking around area where at times there will be ceremonies.


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September Speaker Recap


Kenneth Greenberg, author of Walking Home: the Life and Lessons of a City Builder


Multiple award-winning urban designer and architect Kenneth Greenberg gave us a double treat: a historic review of the paradigm shifts in city design and a progress report on the fabulous Bentway project under the Gardiner Expressway, of which he is the mastermind.

Ken pinpointed the genesis of suburbs to the 1939 New York World’s Fair where General Motors’s World of Tomorrow exhibit promoted the car. “People could drive anywhere – to home, work and shopping.” Unfortunately there were unintended consequences with respect to architecture, health, diversity of the population, and the freedom allotted to children.

Ken realized that downtown Toronto needed shared and diverse public spaces. In 2011 he sketched a plan for the terrain under the Gardiner Expressway; the Bentway will eventually have trails, performances, exhibits, children’s activities and more.

September 25, 2017 7:00 pm                                                                                                            TOPIC: City Building: A New Convergence

We are living through one of the most remarkable transformations in urban history as 21st century cities worldwide are redefining themselves. Recent concerns about energy scarcity and global warming, has made us see cities with fresh eyes and a growing understanding that they can provide us with an unparalleled measure of sustainability. Mr. Greenberg’s current major project is as urban design lead and client rep for PROJECT: UNDER THE GARDINER in Toronto

Learn more about our speaker. Click here and here

Advocacy Award

Award Certificate

Our Club accepted the 2016/2017 CFUW Ontario Council Advocacy Award for participation in: Universal Pharmacare Resolution, Equal Pay Day Rally, Bill C-242, writing letters to MP’s and Early Learning and Child Care and its partnership with Toronto clubs to fight Toronto City Hall’s proposed cuts to childcare. Kudos go to our Status of Women and Human Rights Group for their fine leadership. We were one of four clubs throughout Ontario to receive the Advocacy Award.

Grace Morgan Memorial Dinner & AGM

May Speaker

RECAP Living Titanic

Our May speaker, musician and storyteller Rosalee Peppard, drew us into the mesmerizing saga of Halifax’s Hilda Mary Slayter, Atlantic Canada’s only survivor of the 1912 Titanic disaster. Club members were enthralled as they heard Hilda’s story, based largely on Hilda’s journal of her life. Rosalee relayed this interesting piece of history with speech and songs while dressed in period costume.





April Speaker

April Speaker

RECAP Countering Exploitative Images of Children

Alyssa Blais spoke about hypersexualized images of young girls. This problem is worsening due to the increasingly widespread dissemination of sexual images on the Internet and social media. The unfortunate result is that girls are programmed to feel that their appearance is not good enough. The discussion after the speech concluded that it is primarily a family responsibility although schools can help too.


New Member Award

group of women
Last year’s President and Vice President were proud to accept a 2016 CFUW New Member Award on behalf of our club. UWCNY was recognized for achieving a 13 per cent increase in new members in 2015/2016.

March Speaker

 March Speaker

 RECAP The Aging Brain: Opportunities and Challenges

Our March speaker, Dr. Guy Proulx, gave us good news and bad news about aging.  Life expectancy will increase even more dramatically this century, and the rate of dementia is decreasing but our lifestyle must be improved so as to narrow the gap between life and health expectancies. Guy gave a slew of interesting statistics such as fifty percent of children born in 2007 can expect to live to one hundred.