Scholarship Winners

2016 Scholarship Winners

The UWCNY Scholarship Fund is a registered charitable foundation. By the end of June 2017 our Scholarship Foundation distributed $17,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students selected by the educational institutions listed below.  

  • York University 
  • Seneca College      
  • Earl Haig Collegiate      
  • Claude Watson School for the Arts

Plus this year we provided scholarships for an additional two high schools – C W Jefferys Collegiate and Downsview Secondary School.

We’re proud to say that through its scholarship programs, the club has a 60 year history of encouraging local students. We also contribute to the CFUW scholarship projects.

To apply for scholarships available through the Canadian Federation of University Women, please go to the CFUW Fellowships and Awards page.

$5.50 of our annual membership fee goes to the Scholarship Fund; we also raise money with extra member donations, our annual book sale, and In Memoriam donations. This year our annual book sale raised $720.

To donate at any time, please make your cheque out to UWCNY Scholarship Fund and send to the address below. Receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

  • UWCNY Scholarship Fund
  • #803 10 Kenneth Ave
  • Toronto, On, M2N 6K6
Two women

Education Convenor with prize winner